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The governing body of Maysville Academy, and Carfax Education Group, which provides academic oversight to the institution, believe that 'accreditation' would hinder significantly the ability of the Academy to provide an excellent education to its students.


Maysville Academy purposefully draws on exemplars of good practice internationally, and constantly revisits teaching to ensure it builds on international evidence, common sense, and refinements from academic, leadership, and teaching staff, while tailoring provision to the specific needs of the individual pupils enrolled.  Accreditation with regional and national bodies would stymie such flexibility, and would, therefore, detract from the quality of education provided within the Academy.


It should nonetheless be emphasized that this does not prevent pupils from Maysville Academy applying to world-leading universities, sitting standardized examinations (including, but not limited to, SAT, AP, IGCSE, A-Level, etc.), or entering the workplace. 


Carfax Education, which provides academic oversight for the Academy, has extensive experience of supporting pupils at institutions around the world in applying for entry to some of the most academically selective universities in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and continental Europe, with pupils securing places at a range of institutions, including:


The University of Oxford;

The University of Cambridge;

The London School of Economics and Political Science;

The University of Edinburgh;

Imperial College London;

King's College London;

University College London;

Royal College of Music;

Harvard University; and

Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


This approach allows Maysville Academy to maintain the independence, and freedom, to deliver excellent education, without constraint, answerable to parents, and not to an external arbiter.