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About the Academy

Excellent Education, without compromise, with a focus on classical education, technology, and positive competition. 

Maysville Academy is a leading K-12 school, located on the banks of the Ohio river, in Mason County, Kentucky. With a focus on providing world-class education to families in the area, the Academy offers a rigorous, challenging, and enjoyable curriculum to pupils of all ages. The school focuses on instilling a love of learning, through a demanding curriculum, complemented by interesting and enriching sporting and extracurricular provision.  


Maysville Academy was established with two objectives in mind: To build upon the great legacy of educational excellence of the Maysville Academy originally founded in 1832 that established Maysville as a leading educational community within the United States and attracted pupils such as Ulysses S. Grant, and William ‘Bull’ Nelson; and to provide pupils with an outstanding education, with a focus on fostering an understanding of science, mathematics, and technology.


The Academy provides a unique opportunity for families in and around Maysville to enroll their children in an institution focused on academic excellence. Rooted in the classical liberal arts tradition, delivered by graduates of the world’s leading universities, Maysville Academy provides a safe, driven, and caring environment in which positive competition is encouraged, alongside the fostering of character, integrity, and community engagement.



Applications are currently open across all year groups. 

Maysville Academy is a non-for-profit entity. We are deemed a 'public charity' and are a tax-exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). 

Our Mission


Maysville Academy seeks to provide excellent education to all pupils, instilling a love of knowledge, a deep appreciation of the liberal arts, and a practical understanding of technology, while instilling decency, hard work, and other virtues of character. 


The school takes a common-sense approach to pedagogy, with a focus on knowledge, rigor, and challenge. Positive competition is encouraged, as is a sporting ethos, alongside engagement with extracurricular activities, and other edifying endeavors.